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In the Netherlands our goats and cows can profit of the clean air drinking water and lush grasslands. This is reflected in the premium quality of Flevomel UHT milk and Flevomel Goat milk powder. Both milk products that bring you the benefits of clean milk from the Netherlands. Conveniently for you with long shelf life and maintaining the flavor.

Milk products are on the daily diet for most Dutch. Like anyone, good food quality is of the utmost importance. Therefor the Dutch government has efficient systems to make sure all milk products are according to high hygiene and quality standards.

Including our Flevomel products.

Premium Flevomel Goat Milk powder

This Flevomel milkpowder product is of the famous premium quality milk in the Netherlands. Goat milk. It has all the benefits that you look for in dairy. It is naturally high in calcium. Calcium is needed to maintain normal bones. Flevomel Goat Milk powder is also a source of protein. Protein contributes to a grow of muscle mass.

  • Famous premium quality milk
  • Naturally high in calcium
  • Source of protein
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Flevomel UHT milk

Quality controlled from grass to glass. This is why we offer great quality milk, with 3.6% protein. The Flevomel UHT Whole milk, is full fat milk. Creamy and light taste. Best enjoyed cold for a refreshing drink. Or warm for a soothing effect.

  • Great taste
  • Serve hot or cold for a quality beverage
  • Guaranteed no antiobiotics
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Flevomel UHT Organic milk

Flevomel UHT organic whole and skimmed milk are carefully controlled by the Belgium Organic authorities for the use of organic milk. Organic kept cows have more room to graze, and only get organic feed. This is 100% chemicals free produced milk.

  • 100% chemicals free produced milk
  • Premium quality controlled organic milk
  • Avalable in skimmed and whole milk variaty,
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